PS3, Guitar Hero 5 always on player 2, Any ideas?

Found 10th Oct 2009
When my son plays guiitar hero 5 on his PS3 even when there is no other controller connected when he turns the guitar on it always sends him to player 2. Anybody any ideas? This is a bit annoying as he always has to watch the starting intro which he shouldnt need to do if he was player 1.

It may be something really easy we have only just got it for the PS3 he used to play on his Wii but we traded that in. He is also 10 but a definite rocker for the future.
Thanks in advance.
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Anything else plugged into the usb ports?

Is he turning the controller on before the PS3 is turned on or after?

What happens when you turn the controller off & on again whilst the PS3 is still on?
Check if you have anything else plugged in like mics or something.
controller 1 may still be turned on, you will need to check to see this and if it is on, turn it off and reset the game. HTH

EDIT: just read the op fully, even though you said there isn't another controller connected it may still be turned on
Stick the usb cable into the controller and the usb slot on the PS3 then hold the PS button down for 5 seconds choose assign controller and set it to 1.

Also check to make sure no other peripherals are in the usb ports.
Will give all these a go when its next his turn thanks, big bro is on a war game at the mo.
Tried these and nothing worked however think it is now sorted.....we think the guitarist has to be controller 2.
It says the mic is controller 1 and the drums and bass 3 and 4. So it looks like it cant be changed if you just want to be a solo guitarist.
It is a bit of a pain with the intro bit though or so my son says. Thanks for all your suggestions. If you think we are wrong or have made the guitar controller 1 please let me know as at this stage we think we just have to live with it.
Repped you all, thanks.
make sure no mics connected

was my issue on xbox
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