PS3 Guitar Hero III Sync Issue

Posted 13th May 2010
Ok, so I bought a pre-owned Les Paul controller from Game yesterday - cost me £4.99!

Got it home, followed the guidance to get the guitar syncing with the PS3 but nothing. The dongle light flashes, the guitar flashes but no solid sync lights.

This is what I did...

With the PS3 off, I plugged the dongle in
Turned on the PS3 with the power button
Pressed the PS button on the guitar (slow flashing)
Pressed the button on the dongle (faster flashing)
Pressed the PS button on the guitar again (faster flashing)

This is what the guide that comes with the guitar says to do to get it syncing, but I cannot get anywhere with it. I have a 120GB Slim PD3 and have tried all USB ports but still no go.

I know both the guitar and dongle work together as I made the guys at Game try it out in front of me before I bought it. I know my PS3 is ok as my Band Hero stuff works flawlessly.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get this to pair up? (it would seem that I am not the only one with this problem too!)

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have you tried pressing the PS button on the guitar 2 times .. ? just re-read you have .. sorry
try changing the controller settings on the ps3 .. to reasign controller 1 to the guitar ...
Budgie - Thanks for that, but I cannot assign the guitar as it doesn't sync at all. I can change the DS3 to position 2 or higher but the guitar still does not sync at all.
these guitars are crap unfortuantly, lots of people have issues with them, id say play frets on fire or sell it on ebay if it works on other ps3s or take it back
Stupid question but have you tried changing the batteries in the guitar? It could be something that simple
I vaguely seem to remember having a similar problem with my World Tour guitar for the PS3..

Make sure all your PS3 controllers (Sixaxis, Dualshock) are off. I think that's what stopped mine syncing.
I have just bought metticlla guitar hero and I have a gibson playstation guitar which I had with guitar hero rock of legends and I have just bought a new abatpter guitar hero world tour but it won't sync any suggestions. Please
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