PS3 HACKS:How to split files put on external to transfer to internal hdd

Found 14th Dec 2010
I have time crisis @ 16GB , how do i split it on my external to play on my ps3?
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In most cases the ps3 files are split in many smaller ones, it's only if individual files are more than 4GB.
If the files are over 4gb youll have to ftp to internal from a soruce which is ntfs, like say your internal PC hdd. But like MC says, usually even though the game is well over the 4gb limit it will be made up over numerous smaller files to make up the total.
I do not understand... Can i put rar files on ? Because they are the only split files i see. I have medal of honour at 4.8GB that won't trabsfer
Dont understand ? You need to unrar before you FTP as the PS3 wont understand rar files. Not sure where you are at atm.

Basically - unrar any files you have. The rar should contain a single PS3 directory (BLES.....). That whole folder needs to be ftp'd across to the PS3. If you have the rars on external hdd then make sure that the largest file does not exceed 4gb otherwise youll need to unrar from a ntfs source.
But how do i get the game on the ps3? Unrar on ps3? That aint possible...
Does not make sence

1. Unrar the Time Crisis rar files onto your computer. You should now have a folder called BCES-00057 or something similar
2. Install an FTP server like Blackbox FTP on your PS3. Get it from PS3-hacks or psx-scene or somewhere. Put the .pkg file on a USB and install it from there
3. Note down the IP address of your PS3 (it is shown on the screen when you run Blackbox FTP)
4. Install WinSCP on your computer and connect to your PS3's IP (e.g. Your PS3 filesystem will then load up. Navigate to the folder where games are stored (different for different backup managers --- mine's called "GAMEZ")
5. Drag and drop your Time Crisis folder (remember... the BCES-00057 [or similar] one) into the games folder

If you are unsure how to do any of the above steps, you'll have to find a guide (plenty on the psx-scene forums).
Thanks alot But is there no way of getting it on my external HDD and then copying it to the internal?
There's no way of transferring it (in RAR form) directly from your external HD to your internal PS3 HD if that's what you're asking. You may be able to unrar it and keep the BCES (or whatever) folder on the external HD and load it from a backup manager with external HD support (Time Crisis is compatible with external HDs apparently :…php?title_search=time+crisis)
How can i get the game on my hdd to then transfer to the internal?
Hey Guys New here. Just had a quick question. When you unrar these multiple files, the only thing that gets FTP over is the file BCES or BUS (whatever the case may be) over to your game folder (GAMES or GAMEZ) after that just run it off your backup manager of choice is that correct?

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