PS3 hard disk advice?

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm looking to upgrade my PS3 hard disk. I wondered if anyone has any advice, hints, tips?

    If anyone can reccomend a bargain deal as well, that would be greatly appreciated. Looking for something in the region of 250-500gb.

    Heat and rep left to genuine helpers...




    i paid about £60 for a 320gig , you need a SATA 2.5 one, look over on ebay there are loads, takes about 5 minutes to change the drive, you can back up your old drive to a external HDD as long as it's FAT32

    mine was 60gig and full so took about an hour to back up, 5 mins to change the HDD then an hour to re install the data....

    easy as

    why do u guys need big hdds? do u d/l the games onto the hdd?

    I kinda have all my music etc etc linked to the pc (since thats on alot anyway)

    check out scan and ebuyer

    than google for installation instructions

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    Thanks for all the advice guys, heat and rep left. :thumbsup:

    In answer to Inquisitor - I don't have any music on my PS3 personally. I have about a dozen dowloaded games, maybe a dozen trailers/videos and all the files from around 18 PS3 games (save files .etc). This has left my PS3 with a measily 15gb free. With all the upcoming games I intend to get, it seems wise to upgrade. If I'm going to put the effort into upgrading, it might as well be a large enough drive to not make me worry about doing it again any time soon...


    it's handy for PLay TV also, if you want to record anything, also i found the 60gig filled up in about a year with demos and stuff from games.


    Advice. - id go for 320gb as ive heard the ps3 cant take certain sizes. Im sure 500gb is not useable in the ps3

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    Cheers hncb0809 for the heads up, :thumbsup:

    Anyone got any thoughts on that?

    I'm not exactly a whizzkid, but I'd have thought that as long as the drive type was correct, the size would be irrelevant? I could understand the speed being an issue... :?



    5400rpm or 7200rpm isnt really imporant. games load avg 1.8 seconds faster with 7200rpm

    ill be getting a 320gb off amazon for £55

    he might be right, i picked a 320gig on cost, £60 v's about £120 for the 500 gig at the time, i cant see you ever using 500 gig, i mean mine has over 200gig free now... and thats a 320

    but yeah maybe google and check out the maximum size, im sure there is info out there.

    :thinking:SATA 150 or SATA 300? SATA I or SATA II? :thinking:

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    Hey Guys,

    So I've really appreciated the advice thus far.

    Did a bit of researching and spotted a few other bits I thought I'd share to anyone else looking for answers.

    The general consensus is that any capacity of HDD will work in the PS3.

    It needs to be a 2.5" SATA (laptop size).

    A speed of 5400 / 7200 is reccomended. Any faster will run the risk of running too hot for the unit.

    These aren't FACTS, but the general consensus from thirty minutes research from forums online. Please feel free to discuss.


    I have a 1tb internaly wired / external drive samsung F1 spinpoint connected to my PS3 far better performance than any 2.5 drive and alot cheaper per gb, take a look how its done…ted.

    yeah i wish i had a hard drive hanging out the side of my PS3.... lol

    i just upgraded mine a few mins ago with an unused laptop drive, really easy
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