PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade

    Can anyone suggest I good place/product to upgradge my PS3. Currently have a 40GB and quickly running out of space.



    It's very easy. There's a lot of information on the internet, this link provides all the steps in detail and was the one I used as a reference.…htm

    Essentially, when shopping for a replacement HDD, look for the following atributes: SATA, 2.5 inch, 5200 rpm HDD, use shopping comparision site for competitive prices. I fitted a WD 250Gb in minutes, didn't bother to back up data as I only had the PS3 a couple days, and just allowed the PS3 to do what it needed to do. I only went for WD as their pricing was compeitive, so please dont take that as a recommendation for a particular manufacturor.

    I got a 160 GB harddrive to upgarde my 60GB one.…-FJ
    but if you want to go insane you could try this one.…896

    its easy to install just make sure you back up everything first using the backup wizard.
    remove the case at the bottom then unscrew about 5 screws then slide it out and slide the new one in.
    it will then format I would say its a good idear to format 10GB for linux even if its unlikey you will install it as you would have to backup then reformat.
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