PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade

    gonna upgrade my ps3 hard drive, i currently have the phat 60GB ps3 and wanted to know if this hard drive would be good...…5F2

    i heard that with some hard drives the bbc iplayer tends to pause...

    PS...can someone just post a good tutorial i can follow


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    or if any has upgraded their ps3 with this HDD feel free to comment on how its performing

    One of the best drives out there for the PS3 imo. Have used this drive loads and NEVER had any probs ;-)

    I Put this one in my PS3 works a treat for me no problems with the I Player either for me and so easy to do.

    Ps3 is performing just as well as before

    only problem i had was some corrupted data so took me ages to back up the old HD before i took it out

    Upgraded my 80Gb with this and have had no probs but I hardly use iPlayer on the PS3. Back up and restore to the new disk was easy but had to upgrade the firmware again using a USB key.

    Checkout the ]FAQs on the PS3 site and YouTube for videos. The blue screw can be a bit of a sod.

    This is the one I got! Absolutely fantastic. Forget about all the nonsense the Xbox fanboys keep spouting that they overheat and make a lot of noise, it does neither. I used to have the 80g HD but found I was deleting demos and stuff cause it was taking too much space but now I just keep everything on it!

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    cheers guys...gonna order one now!
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