PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade

    I want a minimum of 250GB hard drive, anyone know of the best offer right now?

    My maximum spend is litrally no more than £35.



    I don't know the best price, but here's one for £31.58…8-1

    There aren't really any decent offers for sub £35 HDD's at the moment.

    If you could spend a few pounds more, you can get a 500GB HDD, and have a casing for the one removed from the console:…e=5

    I've just done my PS3 with a WD 250GB [recommended for the PS3] from SCAN . I think it was about £28 plus P&P . Total paid was £33.34 . Next day delivery too. Very good company is SCAN , it's the first time I've used them and would defo recommend them .
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