ps3 hardrive help

    i have old 60gig ps3 whats the largest hd i can put in it?

    and any1 know any good deals on them all the 1's i see are around same price as an external 1 so are there pros and cons off each type internal + external


    Here is a How to from on how to replace etc

    Its says in on there that 250 is the biggest but i know people that have a 320 in theirs. But i think there are a few 500 gig ones that work too.

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    thanks on both counts mate changing it looks easy just thinking an external 1 tb drive may be better value as its portable and much bigger ,will ps3 access an external hd at the same speed as internal 1 or will it be slower from externall 1?

    Im not too sure on that tbh. What are you wanting to use it for? Just storing pics etc? Not sure if you can install PSN games etc to an external HDD?

    People have said online that 1TB internals work fine, but if you were thinking of doing that maybe just do a little more research in to it just incase.

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    mainly want it for my cd collection and pictures from digital camera and camcorder i know you cant put games on not much of a gamer

    Well in that case id prob use an external one, just set up the file structure so that the PS3 can see it. Then you have the ease of switching it between PS3, PC and taking it with you to other pcs etc.

    I have modded mine with a 320 2.5" internal drive and it works a treat, really simply to do just follow the guide that Buttmonk3y provided, the main thing to remember is to keep the spindle speed the same ie 5400rpm as I believe that there can be issues with the systems firmware if you decide to upgrade to a 7200rpm. hope this helps

    im using a 500gb one in mine

    link ]HERE

    btw external drives are ok but have to be formated as fat32 which means max filesize of 4GB which can be a pain for movies
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