PS3 HDD Upgrade

    I got a 60gb version and wanted to sell and get a 250gb one to store music and movies and stuff, but then thought might be easier to change the harddrive. Anyone done it? If so whats the maximum gb i can go upto? and also does anyone have any links to some harddrives that they have bought as i dont really know what im looking for.


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    thanks alot

    You need 2.5" SATA Hard drive! NOT 3.5" (According to:

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    clubba 786

    You need 2.5" SATA Hard drive! NOT 3.5" (According … You need 2.5" SATA Hard drive! NOT 3.5" (According to:

    yeah just done some reading and think 2.5 is the one you need, cheers for the heads up

    All I will say is if you do it make sure you have a screwdriver that fits the screws perfectly, the screws are so delicate and will round off really easily. They are very tight so you want a decent length phillips screw driver that is a nice snug fit.

    The actual swapping of the drive can be done by a child with no technical knowledge.

    The hardest thing to do is to get all your data off your current drive.
    The best way to do it is to use the data transfer utility on the PS3 to copy it onto a donor PS3.

    Then put the 640GB HDD into your 60GB machine and transfer back again.

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    thanks everyone for your help, gonna order a hdd this week and swap them over
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