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Hey, Im gonna buy a PS3 next month and I really want one of these white ones but they are only available in Asia.

Ive found one but I have a few questions if anyone has imported before.…k=1

Now the first thing that gets me there is the price, Too good to be true. Am I going to get stung bringing it into the country?

The other thing that worries me is if the console dashboard is going to be in Japanese or if it wont work on a UK 240V power supply.

Any help appreiciated, thanks



Red looks sexiest

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Wow! Didnt know there was one.. And I was struggling between white and silver lol


they have some very good reviews m8…625

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I never really trusted tose review sites but that one does put my mind at rest somewhat.

Now just to find to find if the menus are jap and if it'll run on standard uk supply..

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srry for double post, I just thought. Im not going to be using HDMI, I use SCART so will it work on the TV? I think Japan use NTSC-J signal dont they?


never really thought about it, but why dont they sell white and silver here anyway?

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They sell for about £185 in Japan, I dont mind paying £235, they're trying to make a profit after all. There no need for £280~ though really.

gosh yr right! £177.40 for a PS3!…8-1 the Japan RRP is £235 w MGS4 and Dualshck 3, maybe less without a game, if you are buying a white PS3 from gadget asia, don't forget you'll most probably be hit with a Fedex shipping tax of easily over £25

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Scared me that one. Apparantly some people have been hit with £100+ tax. I beginning to think its not worth the risk.

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For anyone whos following, Ive just found out that as long as the TV supports 60Hz and RGB-SCART then you play import consoles
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