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Okay, when I try to get online it wont let me, keeps saying obtain IP failed.

I have a linksys router with VM cable..

when I put my details in for the internet (on the PS3) it just says

Checking network configuration...
Please wait..

Then goes to IP Address setting (even if i put the wrong WEP code in)

Rep for anyone who helps


Haven't got a PS3 but I had a similar problem with my Wii. I just needed to change the channel setting on the IP address. Who's your supplier? Virgin use 1 and 11 - I just had to swap them round to get mine to work. Hope this helps.

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how do i do this? in my router settings?


how do i do this? in my router settings?


MY mate had this and some man called "ronaldo" said - turn offyour router - all cables uplugged etc for 10 mins. Then try.

does it work wired?

linksys, WEP encryption with VM and virgin media works fine for me. want to compare settings? let me know.

Just pull out the cables in the back of your router and the modem. Then put the cables back into the back of the modem. Wait 2 minutes then put the cables back into your router.

When ever my internet screws up this is what i do and 9 times out of 10 it fixes the problem.

And BTW i have a Linksys router and a VM connection.

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yeah it worked forgot to tell you guise, will rep you after this game of cod"!
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