PS3 help

    i am going to sell my 40gb ps3 & buy 120gb ps3 slim, just wondered can u transfer the games i bought from ps3 store to my new console.



    You can download nearly everything from the PSN store up to 5 times... that means, on up-to five consoles. You just need to sign in on your new Slim and go to the store, and view your download history. You can re-download them from there.

    There are a couple of exceptions, like Warhawk, and a few others.

    You can tranfers most of your saves too by way of a memory card / stick... not all, though, but some

    Yep as above said, and also remember to go to then and turn it to [activation off] - then backup your game saves etc you want to keep too, to a flash drive or whatever.
    Then go to to make the console "as new" again, apart from firmware updates of course, you can't get rid of them.
    Then when you get your new console, just set it up with the same playstation identity that you used before and then you should be able to download all your previous stuff you bought from PS store... anyway, hope that helps

    game was offering trade in prices for the old ps3 have you looked into this ? (not answering your question but giving something to think about)
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