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    I want to transfer all my saved games etc from my old PS3 to my new PS3. Is this possible and how do you do it?

    Also when I try and connect to the internet it says I need an ethernet cable. I thought the PS3 was wireless?

    Thank you


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    Can anyone help?

    I will look on my PS3, and get back to you regarding game saves.

    The PS3 is wireless, you need to look in your settings.

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    Thank you will try and save to a usb then export the data across. Has anyone else done this?

    Put in a storage device. I used a micro SD card in a USB reader that came with my DS lite flashcart.

    To copy your game saves to "Game" part of your XMB, then select "Saved data utility".
    You will see your game saves. Press triangle on the save you want to copy, and then select "Copy".

    It will ask you to "Select the destination". Choose USB device(in my case), then press "x".

    I guess putting it on the new PS3 is self explanatory.

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    Cheers will this work with just a usb?

    Yeah thats what i did mate, just a memory stick will do.


    Cheers will this work with just a usb?

    What do you mean "Just a USB"?
    Edit: Seen above, any storage media should do.


    What do you mean "just a USB"?

    A USB memory stick :roll:

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    memory stick. CheersMattyBoi


    A USB memory stick :roll:

    No such thing.


    memory stick. CheersMattyBoi

    No proplemo :thumbsup:
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