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    hi just wondered is it worth selling my 40gb ps3 and buying 120gb or 250gb, is there any difference between them, except the hard drive space. also would i get £150 for a 40gb ps3 cheers.


    I reckon you'd probably be looking at about £130-140 tops for a 40GB console now. 80GB consoles with a Dual Shock 3 only seem to be going for about £160 delivered.

    It's up to you wether you want to sell it, and then spend another £100 to have the extra storage space, a DS3 and a new 1 year warranty, or spend about £40 and replace the HDD in your existing one

    assuming the 250gb is the slim then yes theres a difference. one is slimmer.

    but i have a 80gb and wouldn't bother with the hassle of changing it to a slim, no differences warrant the upgrade and effort for to be honest just a size differnce..

    you can also upgrade HDD pretty easily on the ps3.

    As above, wouldn't bother selling yours unless you want the new warranty... 320GB hard drive is around £40 delivered as below from amazon…8-1

    very easy to install as long as you're careful with the screws.... and can only assume you're not bothered about transferring stuff as you were looking to get a new one anyway, so wouldn't be able to transfer stuff unless you have a big enough USB hard drive or stick.... hope that helps anyway

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Just upgrade the HDD. ;D
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