PS3 help!!

    i need to update my ps3 to 3.60 before i can sign in to my psn.

    it tries to download via the internet, gets to 99% and fails :-(

    so i tried the download from sonys website, onto a flash drive and upload to my ps3 that way. still fails on 99%.

    is my ps3 dead?

    cant get it to update at all.



    Was it previously hacked?

    trun it off an on, keep trying

    this often happens with a new update, its nothing to worry about

    Original Poster

    tried restorin, buildin database etc, no avail.

    i have never jailbroken it.

    cud it b dead? if so, if i bought a replacement hard drive would that fix things?


    Have you ever upgraded the Hard Drive?

    Original Poster

    nope never. do i need to?

    I would Give Sony Playstation a call. Personally, it sounds jiggered.
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