Found 11th Feb 2008
how do i get online with it do i need further cables etc i have broadband a step by ste would be areciates



the ps3 can be used without any cables, and connects by wireless.
if you dont have wireless in your house you will need an ethernet cable plugged in

then go to you settings on the ps3, that is the area that loads up first, go to network settings.

type in your details and it should be ready to go online

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o tats simple

You need a wirless router,Which is compatible with your service provider.:)

Then the whole shooting match is wifi,so the router will pick up the signals from your PS3 and transmit them to your PC. No wires required or extra leads;-)

You also need to be online with a gameing zone, (i belive),
Not tried it but know loads that are on line gameing,and that is as much as i know,I hope this helps:thumbsup:

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i got wireless and a latop says i need to do an udate?

Then do the update.

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18% done how long does it take as so far its been 20 mins

dont worry it will stop when it gets to 100%

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ha de ha

i found it usually gets to 50% and finishes, really

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status update 27%

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45% goin strong
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