ps3 help needed...

    right, had my ps3 since xmas, haven't had a problem signing into online. We have recently had sky put in our house (broadband phone blah blah blah) and had our virgin box taken out. i have changed the settings and everything (added new WPA key blah blah) and i was just playing DJ hero and got signed out automatically and just tried signing back in and it says "an error occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error. (80710102)"

    Anybody know what i should do??


    Reset your router.

    I am sure it was the same error code i got when i switched from AOL to SKY...
    I googled it and found out other people had the same problems re-set-up the connection
    after switching off the router and re-booting and, touch wood, i have not seen it again.
    ( kicked me off CODMW2 with the same error code btw )

    yeah this is the NetGear that has the problem...unplug and reboot the NetGear, presuming Sky still use NetGear?

    I have this problem with my Sky saegam router (i think).

    I havent been able to fix it so now use ethernet

    Blah blah blah....

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