PS3 Help - No DVD audio via HDMI

    Hey, wondering if someone on here would be able to help me with my PS3?
    The problem is there is no audio when I play DVDs
    Audio on games work fine but every time I seem to play DVDs or Blu Ray there ain't no audio.
    The PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI

    Thanks in advance


    I'm thinking there's a setting on the PS3 for Audio on DVD/Blu Ray playback to be in a certain format (PCM/dts/dd for example)... Not having a PS3 I can't say for sure but check your system settings..

    EDIT: look under Settings - BD/DVD Settings - Audio Output...

    You have to enable it in the PS3 menu first.

    That should cure the problem :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help, but that didn't work. all I can seem to hear is the background music and no voices argghh!
    what have I done lol

    Edit: just played around and it's fine now but thanks for the help guys
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