Found 24th Mar 2011
Ive recently had my 2 years old PS3 get killed by the 3.60 update and Sony said they cannot do anything for it but offer me a refurb for £134.

Obv I said no to this. I bought the 160gb from Game yesterday for £199.99. Game are offering the GameCare for 2 years at a price of £34.99.

Has anyone any experience with this GameCare and also does anyone recommend an extended warranty package out there?

Any help is great x


I took the gamecare warranty out for my ps3. Its actually dealt with Allianz Insurance.

When you do make a claim they will organise a repair company to pick up and repair the console, which they state can take 21 days to collect and return.

If the console is found that it cannot be repaired or if you send the console in for repair for the same problem 3 times they will keep the ps3 and send you a gift card for game for the purchase price you paid i.e £199.99

Hope that helps

Sony tried somrthing similar with my mate few years back when his PS3 ylod on him, it was out of warranty and he used the SOGA and got a refurb out of them, he ended up with something like 3 PS3s in 2 years

When you say killed by the 3.60 update...can you be more specific? What is it doing or not doing??

There are a few things you might be able to do to ressurect your old machine.
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