Hello all

    what are peoples views on the ps3 internet browser?

    any good? ive got a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. does that enhance the experience?

    alot rests on me buying one,as i purely need it for the internet/iplayer/web browsing.


    If you need it purely for internet/iplayer/web browsing, then just get a netbook or laptop. PS3 seems like overkill if it's only for those uses.

    pretty basic, its no use to me, far to slow and no good features for use with the controller. they could revamp it but i can not see it

    It's no good for regular use - you'll get frustrated with it for sure. I haven't used it for a while but when I did, Flash support was intermittent. A keyboard and mouse would make things better, but still not enjoyable.

    If you just want to browse the internet through your TV, get a cheap netbook and hook it up to the TV via VGA (or DVI, or HDMI if the netbook has the appropriate outputs). You could also look into one of those Acer Revo things. Basically a tiny little computer... I guess it has bluetooth support so you could use your bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it too... That's what I would do anyway.

    Yup, overkill for just the internet.

    it's a pretty poor browser but iplayer and stuff is sort of separate to it so they're ok to use.

    When a open source browser comes out, it will be good... till then... only good for simple google searches


    iplayer - too slow and jerky, same for 4od

    itv player is slightly better but still not great

    browser is basic

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    ta guys.
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