PS3 internet set up

    I'm having trouble setting up a wireless internet connect for my PS3. Please help


    Check you network name (SSID) and Wep/WPA-PSK key.

    If it is wep, ensure you entering it in the right case (upper case or lower case).

    What problem are you actually having?

    If it is connecting to the wireless but then not getting to the internet, you may have to enter your DNS details manually.

    You can find out what your DNS addresses are by connecting to your router's admin page and copying them on to your PS3

    You're not making easy for people to help you. We don't know what problems you're having.

    Original Poster

    [SIZE="2"]Thanks for your input. ;-)

    While I was experimenting with this and that in an attempt to get online with my PS3, I somehow done something and went offline altogether - that's why I've been gone for ages. I really was confused :? and exasperated. :viking:

    After making some phonecalls to AOl, Netgear and Sony (I had an online chat with Sony before I went offline), I finally stumbled on the solution and I'm not quite sure how. So I am pleased to say that's it sorted. :-D

    Anyway, rep is on its way for being willing to help. :thumbsup:[/SIZE]
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