PS3 Iron Man Cover + Possible PS3 case Anyone ?

    Stupidly i didnt read a fleabay listing for my little one and got sent a copy of Iron Man PS3 with only the disk and manual. So im trying to blag a free scan of someones Iron Man cover and possibly a spare PS3 case if poss, obviously will pay postage.. Anyone do me a real big favour and either do me a decent scan/send me a spare case ??

    Much rep given if possible :-)

    Have searched all the cover sites i know but can only find the front bit at pretty low res.


    Print off your own, scroll down page for PS3

    Edit... just read your post properly, only front pic available, sorry

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    Thanx guys for the rear cover. A bit of a shame most are all pretty low res scans, and the rear cover is image locked so the only way of getting it is to screen grab :-( Noone out there fancy doing me a nice high res scan ??

    Was after blagging a spare case off someone rather that ebay inflated prices lol ;-)

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    You could always go on some site like the game section of AVforums specifically the PS3 part dealing with this game and ask if someone could scan the cover for you. I would supply an image of the official disk with your forum name (written in hand on a bit of paper) to prove you aren't just looking for a cover for a hooky copy.

    Can't seem to find any scans anywhere, sorry.

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    Thanx m8... tbh i managed to blag a blue ray case from blockbuster - slightly thinner but same overall size. I used the above images in paint shop pro and rebuilt a cover. It does for my boy, would still like a proper case, but it does.

    Again thanx anyway :-)…tml

    £1.50 official PS3 replacement case free delivery.

    I've ordered from Shopto before with no problems.
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