PS3 Laptop on sale

    the PS3 laptop has finally went on sale on ebay but with a price tag of $17,000 looks I'm out.

    Item no# 300217494195


    hope hes going to give the controler a dusting before he sells it :whistling:

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    You know what puts me off? see where it says PLAYSTATION 3p. Theres a small p, why is it not in caps?!

    thats why he lost your sale.... you would have jumped at the $17000 if only that p was a big P

    and i hope its got hdmi on it still ... ps3 on a 15' just would not cut the mustard..

    23000 view count, wow!
    and still over 6 days left

    You know what puts me off? Not having £10,000 spare... damn!

    it did start off at 99c, lol. will he really give the money to charity?

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    I'm not sure this is real, but it is on engaget and stuff. The auction just seems less professional. It doesn't say how the transaction is going to happen etc etc. Usually if its given to charity it would be in the auction saying which charity it is. But they are saying they accept PayPal.. strange

    Ew, looks fugly :shock:

    Ben Heck is an honest and trustworthy guy. I interviewed him a few years ago for a magazine about his modding talents, and even then he was head and shoulders above the field.

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    Ben is truely amazing. I honestly don't know why Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft haven't stole him yet. The Wii laptop looked a bit terrible though. Maybe he should re-think that one over

    $17.00 ill take 2 thanks

    Wow that's quite a wate of time. Looks horrible, half the internals have tape on them, the screen surround looks like its painted cardboard, It's thicker than a loaf of bread and probably weighs more more than my car. Wouldn't give him £35 for it.
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