PS3 - Laser Required KEM-400AAA

    Need to replace the laser in the PS3 60GB FAT Model - opened it up states: KEM-400AAA, anyone point me in the right direction of a reputable seller and of course as cost effective as possible.



    Cant find this number but pretty sure this one would work…134

    Found this info if it helps

    You are bidding on 1-KES-400A. These are the single lens and they will work on the 20 GB - CECHB01 / 60 GB - CECHA01 / 80 GB - CECHE01 / 40 GB CECHG01. Note there are some of the CECHG01 consoles that take the dual lens and the CECHE01MG takes the dual lens so make sure and check for that.

    Which means really that KES-400A / KEM-400AAA / KES-400AAA should al work could check dealextreme or ebay
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