PS3 Launch Day Owners (60gb)

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Found 9th Feb 2010
How many of you own the launch day original Phat 60gb PS3 console and have never experienced any problems with it? Be that YLOD, BRD or any other problems?

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now on my 2nd 60gig ps3 first one had ylod replaced within 2 days by sony.

No nothing, been working perfect since i got it.
Sometimes crashes while turning it off though

i do never had a problem with mine


no issues tho i bought it off here

had it since launch and no problems...touch wood

Never had any issues so far.

No problems here too, bought on launch day and been played with constantly.

(Touch Wood) You better not have jinxed it now!!!

Had mine since launch never had any problems, but i don't really use it that much anymore, only to watch Blu-rays/ dvds.

Have two that were bought not long before the 40GB model, no issues with either.



Anyone play Little Big Planet?What a laff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son LOVES LBP, its the most played with game on our PS3. He especially love the paintball add on, him and his mates have great fun just splatting each other:thumbsup:

I'm on my third. All have been replaced by Sony free of charge.

Still love my playstation though.

No problem atm, although my mates one has frozen a few times but now working fine too.

I remember when they had these on ebay, they were about £1000 just before xmas from the US. Crazy!!!

I've never had a problem with mine, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that.....

No issues at all with mine, bought on day one (60Gb) and since upgraded to 320Gb :thumbsup:

No problem with mine,got it in October 2007.

mine too working fine as always though also upgraded to just 160GB

Not a single problem! Sometimes takes a little time to get online but thats server issue I guess!


I do like my PS3, what hurts me is the lack of PS2 backwards … I do like my PS3, what hurts me is the lack of PS2 backwards compatibility, oh yeh and the absolutely pathetic net browser!!! Jeez, get it sorted Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!

As long as we don't need to pay, of course!

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Many thanks for all your replies guys/gals
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