PS3 launch delayed!!!!!!…_GB


    Apparently it's because there is a "parts shortages for the high-definition Blu-ray player included in the console".



    Not released until March 2007!!
    Thats gonna hurt Sony's xmas profits!
    I bet Microsoft are rubbing their hands with glee as they will be this years prime choice for consoles!

    "Parts shortage" - yet they can still make enough for Japan and the US!
    [SIZE=2]I think we are getting short changed over here! Especially because from the only place selling/taking pre orders for the PS3 I could see were Play where you had to have a bundle package including 3 games, so we would have to fork out more money to give to Sony! I take it they don't want our money then![/SIZE]

    It's a total bummer! I am really gutted about it, and so will be buying a 360 now as I have lost the patience waiting for next gen PS3. Will maybe still get one come March depending on whether there are any other issues with it! Sony have screwed Europe yet again!

    Another nail in the coffin of Sony. I have a PS2 and it has suffered quality issues being returned twice with a replacement provided on each occassion. Even current PS2's have known quality issues - what chance does the PS3 have? Sony used to be synonymous with quality and design. Nowadays, they are synonymous with poor service, quality and high prices. The X-box 360 will have another xmas unchallenged and it will be interesting to see whether the PS3 will catch-up next year.

    On the other hand we could wait until the shares drop to rock-bottom, buy some, hope they don't go bust and use the profit we make when they sell the damn thing to buy it!!

    Always thinking!!
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