PS3 Locking up with Black ops.

    Anyone had any issues?

    Also, here's my youtube chan showing 4 crash's, 3 of them in the last 2 hours.…hum

    My PS3 still has another 3 months warranty and have the receipt with gamestation. Problem is it isn't the PS3, its being reported loads for black ops - Surely i cant take that back for a full refund? I'd want the money i payed + more for the frustration it's caused! lol

    Lot's here having similar issue.…163

    and here…229


    Mines never locked but that's on the xbox. Strange one, maybe it's a ps3 problem with the black ops programming.


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    It's not particularly acceptable. I sure as hell won't be buying anymore treyarch games. Never had issues like this with any other game, ever.

    Happens to me alll the time, and now all i play is mw2
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    Happened to me quite a lot too, had enough so I traded it in at Argos.


    Happens to me alll the time, and now all i play is mw2

    U know it. MW2 for the win.

    You all on the PS3?

    Happens to me all the time aswell, i thought it was just me... Mainly happens in Zombies

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    There's hundreds of people with the same issue. Activision place the blame on the individuals PS3... Treyarch, have said nothing. A month without any fix on this issue is a joke.…229

    12 pages..

    Mine did the same, but other disks worked fine, I gotten disk exchanged working 100% now.


    You all on the PS3?

    I am.

    Mine works no problem on ps3 never had a problem from day1


    Iv had issues also

    Can't be bothered to play black ops anymore

    Still prefer call of duty 4

    But GT 5 has not left my ps3 since the 24th pretty sure I'm Gona get ylod soon

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    Do you think i can buy it from gamestation, swap discs and take it back? Or too risky?

    happened to me twice in bout 15 mins today so just switched to FIFA!

    Original Poster…hum - Just have to look here, shows how much it crash's. Not suprisingly, a few more since i first posted this.. Im amazed they haven't fixed it or accepted its a problem.
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    Sorry to bump, but theres been a new patch released, mines not crashed just yet! fingers crossed.

    Happened to me tonight after updating to 3.55 on my fat 60gb.
    Although for me MW2 freezes whereas MW is ok.

    And looks like 4od and ITV player are now available from this update. Haven't tried them yet

    i dont get crashes on mine, just a few bad lag spots, but i can still talk and hear my mates etc, as for online, i am unable to join my mates parties and they are unable to join me as my nat type is on strict even though there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.

    strange fix for that though incase anyone else experiences it, is to put mw2 disc in start it up and go to multiplayer, then eject and put black ops in and hey presto no longer have strict nat but now is open lol. load of rubbish!

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    Just crashed, 1.04. Will update to youtube. Nightmare!
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