PS3 Move Verdict?

    I'm thinking about buying it, but the games look very wii-esk and not great! Anyone used the Move yet?




    I bought it yesterday. And I have to say, it's absolutely brilliant. I had a wii and it's not a patch on the move. Now, I just can't wait for The Fight, SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 to come out.
    The PS Move is WELL worth the money!!

    agree with iceman, so far nothing but praise about it.

    sports champions, custom music from hdd and gladiator duel is so much fun really get into it!

    messed around with it for a bit last night and it's so kool,

    can't for for time crisis raving storm.
    but this is all going to add up! Starter pack, another motion controller, navi controller, and a gun attachment (because of time crisis)

    love the shooting game demo,

    very imprssed with it, love the table tennis....i really need a second controller though


    anyone tried it with TIGER WOODS 11? (only £19 delivered!).…611


    anyone tried it with TIGER WOODS 11? (only £19 … anyone tried it with TIGER WOODS 11? (only £19 delivered!).

    i couldn't get the demo of that that came with the started pack to work

    I got this yesterday too and I love it i'm actually surprised how much it has impressed me
    I've tried nearly every demo including tiger woods which works great with it. I actually enjoyed golf. I'm ordering another move controller soon.
    Definitely worth atleast a go mate.

    EDIT: Also my brother who had no idea about any motion controller is all over it.
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    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, I might have to have a razzle

    It's great but my arm aches. X)

    #got it today is awesome so much better than the wii
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