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Found 11th Nov 2010
This thread is for people to share their PSN ID's and XBOX Live ID'S Only

Please can people when sending a friend request state they are from HUKD so that people know who they are


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missgem - PS3 - SuperBiitch (with 2 i's)
compo - PS3 - compo37
vibeone - PS3 - vibeone
vibeone - XBOX - zoonyx
arcangel111 - PS3 - i_am_starkiller
syzable - PS3 - Syzable
syzable - XBOX - Syzable
11doodles83 - PS3 - NOGGIN_71
goonertillidie - PS3 - spudbelly
demolisher - PS3 - mrfunkydunky
demolisher - XBOX - Rups007
MinstrelMan - XBOX - iSweed
adamipswich - PS3 - Firmsky
adamipswich - XBOX - Firmsky
cw9652 - PS3 - NewcastleChris
Adam2050 - XBOX - L1mp1ngM0nk3y
civms47 - PS3 - civms47
faevilangel - PS3 - Faevilangel1
the_mongoose_man - PS3 - Gr4vel_Hillbilly
A2tharon - XBOX - atharon
dj_urban - PS3 - dj_urban
Charlie Scene - XBOX - mintcharlie85
junkenstein73 - XBOX - junkenstein73
junkenstein73 - PS3 - junkenstein73
harmzz - PS3 - harmzz
ryman1000 - XBOX - ryanizzle001
MarzBarz - XBOX - ii 1nfini7y ii
psb07158 - XBOX - Fahdyy
psb07158 - PS3 - Fahdyy

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compo37 on psn


PSN: vibeone

X360: zoonyx (no longer used)



Syzable on both.

Edited by: "Syzable" 11th Nov 2010



PS3 PSN ID- spudbelly

ps3 - mrfunkydunky
Xbox - Rups007

Xbox - iSweed


PS3 - SuperBiitch (with 2 i's)I couldnt see any thread i searched in many … PS3 - SuperBiitch (with 2 i's)I couldnt see any thread i searched in many different ways but couldnt find anything (

They're usually game specific when people swap ID's

I have never bothered to play online, but would like to start with "Black Ops".
I am playing in "Combat Training" which simulates playing online. You can also play with friends online in Combat Training too.


do you have one hun? I bet your on Xbox though

I have both, but the Xbox hasn't been switched on in months. I never even created an account for it.

I will delete my 1st post so that you can then edit your post to list everyones PSN/Live usernames.

Also can you add to the first post that if people add someone, they send a message to say who they are.
I hate it when someone sends a friend request, and I have no idea who it is.

Edited by: "thesaint" 11th Nov 2010

Xbox and PSN = Firmsky

Please just quote HUKD as I ignore random requests.

Use Xbox for multiplatform titles such as COD etc.

PS3 for great exclusives!

psn : NewcastleChris

There are quite a few who play online here, and played a B.O's Domination session with a few the other night.



Could you delete this post please as i just want it for ID's only

you will find if you have a look a whole list of users gamer names on that link, so saves cut and pasting, plus if those who have not ventured online on BF2 they can get a flavor of whats what and help for those like me who didnt have a scoobie doo to start with



I understand what you mean but i just want this thread clearly for ids, … I understand what you mean but i just want this thread clearly for ids, or at least delete all yours and just repost the links only, im only tryna be organised and tidy haha

dont do tidy ..:p

PSN - LimpingMonkey
Edited by: "Adam2050" 11th Nov 2010

PSN - civms47


xbox360 = D4ND4N


xbox360 = S1LENT MENACE

Ps3 Faevilangel1 - I got no friends yet X)

PSN - Gr4vel_Hillbilly - please state HUKD

Xbox - a2tharon
please put hduk as ill ignore it otherwise


Psn dj_urban

mintcharlie85 on xbox

360 - Junkenstein73
PSN - Junkenstein73

PSN - harmzz


Original Poster


Is this xbox? x

ii 1nfini7y ii - xbox 360
Edited by: "MarzBarz" 23rd Nov 2010

Xbox (play this mainly now) - Fahdyy
PSN(play PES 2011 on this only really now lol) - Fahdyy

Add me on Xbox guys...just switched back across to Xbox after about a longgg time and I've got like 4 friends on it lol. Need some people to play Black Ops with !

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