PS3 Networking help and resolution

    OK guys just taken stock of a new PS3 and was wondering 3 quick things if any1 can be so kind as to give advice.

    Firstly my tv is only 1080i so want to know if i should go with the automatic 1080p that the unit sets itself to (i take it the tv must downsample?) or should i set it to 720p or even 1080i. Can really see that much diff between them.

    Secondly a bit more complicated. My Xbox1 used the smb function where i could dictate where all my films were stored on the network and i could then point it to each folder, like general, kids, documentaries, music, etc. These were kind of hard coded into the Xbox so to speak. The PS3 seems to only allow the use of a media server which it needs to find automatically. Is there any way to bump each folder in place, like the xbox, so that only my movies folders are on the share and not the rest of the drive (which my other pcs need to access). Also with the xbox i needed to tell it the workgroup my network used in order to find the shares, i cant see anywhere on the PS3 to add the workgroup ? Surely there must be a way to dictate other than setting the pc to a media server under Vista.

    Lastly if i got a 320gig drive how do i transfer files between the pc and the ps3 ? I used to be able to ftp straight over to the xbox but cant seem to find any info on ps3 port numbers, how to open the drive so that the pc can read it, etc.

    Anyone kind enough to help ?



    set to 720p you will get the best picture

    folder options are very limited...nothing like xbmc im afraid

    transfer file either wireless media streamer, dvd, usb stick, external hard drive, or cable network via tversity...

    hope that all helps

    Original Poster

    Yep Rob tbh i think xbmc is soooo much better than relying on media center/player to setup all the vids. The PS3 seems very slow in comparison to the old Xbrick. Atm in one of my general folders i have around 150 avi's... PS3 seems to load up about 20 then freeze... about a min later in adds another 20. The thing i think that slows it down is having to load up the little thumbnail of each video - is there any way to knock that off so it just shows the title ?? Also when i installed Vista i read about turning off the drive indexing for faster operation. Do you think that by having it on then the PS3 might be able to read (index) that drive quicker ?
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