PS3 New Controller.

    I want to buy a new ps3 controller for my brothers console, but I keep finding different prices whats the cheapest and whats the original one that comes with the ps3?

    is dualshock 3 and sixaxis the same thing?

    anyone reccomment a cheap one.



    dualshock 3 has rumble....sixaxis does not.

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    dualshock 3 has rumble....sixaxis does not.

    thank you

    Rumble is also slightly heavier and a slight difference texture on the buttons. (it is better but slightly more expensive than sixaxis)

    As for which one came with the PS3.. that depends when you bought it. I'm pretty sure the current console boxes come with the Dualshock 3, whereas the old 60gig machines etc came with the sixaxis!

    I have one of each now :-)
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