PS3 - not recognising disks

My PS3 which was bought in October 2007 is not recognising disks....was working fine before I moved house but as I also have a 60Gb model apart from testing it I havent played with it since I got it....not sure if it maybe got bumped during the house move?

Am guessing dvd drive is goosed but anyone any thoughttips on this? I guess the warranty with sony is a year?have heard stories that they have fixed ones outside warranty before, is it worth giving thema call?



Mine did that.. they refused to replace it. said it'd be approx.17-28 days til i got it back(incl. courier as i'd have to waitr a week) and even then they coldnt guarentee it back for xmas.

Just refuse a repair point blank.

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So does that mean it would be fixed\replaced for free?

I've had 2 to that so far. But was in warranty.

Got replaced on my doorstep within 24 hours.

You'll have to chance your arm with them and see if they'll do it free outside of warranty. Sadly if not it'll either be a pay up job or sell it as faulty cheap job.

I sent my brothers back about a month ago, as it wouldn't read blu-rays. DVD's were fine.

They didn't ask when I purchased it, or for the receipt.

It was a 60GB, and they collected it in 48 hours, I heard they have a bit of a waiting list now though.

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If I do try Sony wil get my brother to do the call as he is good at sorting that stuff out and usually gets his own way! Thanks for help...I guess getting it fixed myself would be massively expensive? Its annoying as was going to sell it to use towards my rent till my appeal for back rent gets dealt with...Just my blooming luck.

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And guess I better get the 60Gb tested and up for sale along with other stuff - guess I will have to dig out the stuff and the camera and start writing descriptions and estimating postage,,,i have over 500 feedback on fleabay but have only sold a few things - if I sell on there will they withhold money till customer confirms receipt or will I get the cash as soon as its paid? Just dont want to list heaps of stuff and then find I dont have enough cash to pay postage first and then have to wait to get cash back!

just sell on here first.

Gimme a shout out if the 40gb dont get repaired i may be interested in buying faulty.

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Thanks to everyone for help...may list on here - just its easier on fleabay as dont have to suss out prices etc and can overestimate delivery like everyone else on Ebay! Would prefer to sell on here though so will see if i can get my head organised for long enough to get stuff listed properly - will suss out my brother to see what he says about the call to Sony! Hewill probabkly say aye though as he thrives on this type of stuff!
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