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Found 15th Sep 2008
Hi, Does anyone know if you are able to view any Blue ray content online through the Playstation 3? Tv shows or Films?

I was using the Website through the PS3 to watch some films at the weekend, the quality was not too bad but was wondering if there is any way to watch Blue Ray quality in the same way?

Is it possible or am i being really stupid asking?

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you can download free full 1080p movie trailers from ps3 shop if u just want to show off ur picture... open season is a fab picture

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Thanks, I did hear about that, I have bought some Blue ray films which are pretty good but would obviously prefer to know of any full content available.

Problem is the file sizes involved. A single 1080p (compressed) TV episode is between 1-1.5GB (1000-1500MB ish) With a 2Mb internet connection capable of around 200kbps it'll take around an hour and a half for 20minutes of video!

Obviously it gets more sensible if you have a faster connection.

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Right, i see, but is it still possible to get?

A) I would be able to download overnight,

B) is it possible to get a site that buffers the programme/film like Surfthe channel?

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bump! any other ideas?


not blue ray but has a great selection of films and not too long to buffer
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