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Found 22nd Dec 2008
I want to get my ps3 online and probably going to guy with sky as part of their tv package as I'm bored of missing the football and cricket now.

What I want to know is if the Sky Broadband Base 2MB Download Speed and upto 20GB Monthly Usage Allowance will be enough to play Fifa and Call of Duty, or should I pay the £5 extra and get 8MB DS and 40GB MUA?

Many thanks in advance


Should be enough me thinks.


i only have 2mb and never get any lag

20gb should be fine as long as you aren't playing all day every day or downloading/ streaming alot.

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Probably an hour or so most days if that really though. Don't download much either only a few game updates and bits so don't imagine I'll get to close to the limit.

Just wondered if the the speed would be good enough for the ps3 or if that could knock me over the limit.

Just to note, I think you now have to also get skytalk (thephone package) to get the broadband at this rate. But the basic skytalk if free anyway

Edit: From 1st March 2009 products will go up by £5 for those customers without one of the sky talk packages

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Yeah I'm going to get the skytalk package and pay sky for the phone line as i dont have one yet but figured it's easier if i let them deal with everything rather than bills for different companies for the same prices.
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