PS3 Operating System

    Ok couple of things for the ps3 savvy peeps on here:

    1) so my understanding is that the actual ps3 game operating system (game OS) is installed on some flash memory on the if I took the hard drive out and but another one in I wouldn't need to install this ...I'd just need to format the new HDD which can be done with the existing game OS...right?

    2) I think I'm going to install a different OS on my PS3... But I want to make sure before I do this that the Blu-Ray Drive will operate like how it would on a 'normal' OS (i.e. you don't have to mount the discs as I read that this is the case when using 'yellowdog' OS on ps3 or am I mistaken? which leads me to my next question...!

    3) Which is the best OS to install for the Ps3 ... I'm thinking ubuntu from my googling (asside from the wireless connection issues...)

    4) Lastly if I installed this ubuntu OS on my ps3 would the programs function as they would on a regular mozilla firefox (i.e like the add on extentions would still be available...)?

    Thanks people!


    1) Yes
    2) Dunno
    3) Ubuntu
    4) Linux apps would function as they will when running on a linux pc.

    Original Poster

    cheers for that...just gonna try and google about 2) a bit more then get ubuntu and install it me thinks
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