ps3 or xbox 360 elite for £200?

    Any good deals for the above console? I've seen the 360 elite on amazon with 2 games for £200 and the Ps3 250 gb on amazon for £250 with 2 games. Are these the best ones at the moment?


    Are you asking which console you should buy? Or are you buying both and looking for a good deal?

    If it is the former I wouldn't ask that question on this forum, lol...

    Personally I prefer the 360 because of it's larger catalogue of games, better exclusive titles IMHO and better online service even though you have to pay for it.

    Prepare youself for all those that will disagree with me

    I got a 360 cos my mates have one and I wanted to play against them online. Hang fire if you can and snap up an amazing deal and save a bundle. Last month Amazon was £180 with 3 games.

    Don't know if this will help but hubbie sorted out a new phone contract yest and you can have a free xbox elite/ps 3 worth checking out Carphone Warehouse
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