PS3 Parental control settings - LBP & Bluetooth headset - Any advise on useage for 9yo girl?

Found 5th Mar 2011
My daughter has a ps3 and I have parental controls on as I dont like the idea of her being able to have conversations with random 60 year old teenagers and listening to bad language from whoever is online.

She was bought a bluetooth headset and keeps asking for the controls to be taken off so she can talk to her "freinds"

I bought LBP 2 and she says she has completed the story mode (in 2 days) and is unable to access any of the other levels so the game is redundant.

I haven't used online gaming myself on the ps3 so don't know how it works or what to expect.

Anyone have children of a similar age playing LBP 1/2 or any other games able to advise?

I don't like the idea of removing all controls and giving full access, are there any other options?
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My daughter plays lbp1 & 2 online and never had a problem, of course I try to keep my eye on her as she plays, and have given her a few rules to stick to, the only thing that I've come across was a lad sending swear words, which come through censored. She's 8 and if anybody starts to play up she just leaves. I think it's fairly safe, the other thing I don't allow is for her to except friend invites.
I don't have any restrictions in place, I also don't allow her to use a mic, making her to write messages, we don't come across to many people using headsets whilst playing lbp2. The only thing I could suggest is let her have a go whilst you are watching if you don't think it's safe don't allow the online play or headset. There is so many great levels on the online play and it would be a shame if your daughter missed out on that.
Cheers. I'll let her play it online on my ps3 with no restrictions and without the headset.
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