Ps3 Pics And Specs: Leaked?

    Ps3 Pics And Specs: Leaked?

    Disclaimer, disclaimer, yadda yadda. Were kind of hoping these pics arent legit because frankly, were not feelin the love for the design. But we digress! The specs that accompany these shots are saying the Sony PS3 will have wireless controllers, a 160GB hard disk, 1 CELL processor running at 4GHz (pumping out 256 GFLOPS worth of power getting close to 1.21 gigawatts, here, folks), ethernet port, USB 2.0, memory stick duo support, and will read Blu-ray disks only. Backward compatibility for the older systems wont be via the drive mechanism, then, but will be achieved via emulation in the CELL processor itself, providing retro compatibility with both PS1 and PS2. Controllers will be very similar to the PS2 controllers, plus add wireless. All of the above will be seen in the first line, to be released in Japan in March 2006, with a second version to follow in late 2006 that will be sporting a 400GB hard drive. The rev2 will also apparently be able to record TV shows on Blu-ray disks (like we said: disclaim, disclaim). More nitty gritty specs via the read link, and another pic after the jump.…552



    The Playstation 3 was unveiled yesterday afternoon in a press conference … The Playstation 3 was unveiled yesterday afternoon in a press conference at Sony Pictures Studio. The event was full of beautiful demonstrations, specifications, and talk of the games of tomorrow.

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    [color=darkblue]Some more here:[/color] [color=blue]PS3 4ALL2C[/color]

    [color=darkblue]Guess what everyone will be after next Christmas :roll: cheap X-Box's hehe.[/color]

    LOL. U know what - I was just about to post that there's also some more review here:…tml

    Didn't realise there were already so many!! Anyway, this one says that it will support Blu-ray. This means you can play discs which store 54Gb of data - that's around the same as 12 DVD-Rs!! Is that a hint that Blu-Ray could become popular - and cheap?? If so, imagine how intense the graphics and game size could be on a 54Gb disc, and how many files could be fit onto one of these. The possibilities would be endless...

    This is the actual sony prototype released 2 days ago

    More Pics Here:…tml

    Why do half of the pis show it "standing up"?? Surely it should be flat, otherwise it would take up loads of space!!

    It's like the PS2, depends how you have your set up. Standing next to a TV it takes up little space when upright. The PS3 looks pretty slim from the front views I've looked at. Maybe standing it upright is more to do with fashion trends. Also it takes up less desktop/tabletop area if it's on its own

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