PS3 - Play TV..........any good?

    Can you use an external hard drive to record programmes to?


    I love mine, though it eats up ya GB's like a lil monster would.

    Not sure about external HDD, you have to record on the PS3's HDD as far as I know, then export it from the PlayTV software to your PS3's video list. I'll have to have a check as to whether or not I can transfer the content to my portable HDD - or 8GB Sony micro vault I just got

    Dunno bout you but I'm just gonna upgrade my HDD

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    Cheers - it would just be interesting to know if you can save the Play TV content direct to an external drive?

    I think a 320gb internal replacement will be going in my 60gb PS3 very soon.

    i dont think you can, i upgraded to 320gig for about £60 tho

    You record stuff with the play tv software/hardware then you have to export what you record to the XMB then you can stick it onto an external drive, so you would not be able to record direct to an external drive atm. Its very good btw, well worth the money imo.
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