PS3 price crash ??

    Does anyone else know when its dropping and by how much?
    iv read somewhere its dropping in April



    No one knows when its dropping AFAIK theres been no announcement.

    If the prices drop below £150 even I would consider one.

    Sony said they thought their offer was strong enough that they would not need a price drop anytime soon but that was a couple of months ago

    Original Poster

    ah cool

    Ask Dandoc... :whistling:

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    Dandoc ?

    wheres the cheapest i could pick one up now?


    Dandoc ?


    I dont think there will be a price drop until around September.

    But they will create some value bundles - Games/Blu-rays etc. before then.




    If the prices drop below £150 even I would consider one.

    if the price drops below £50 dandoc may be able to afford one...

    No disrepsect to Dandoc2 by the way!

    I reckon Autumn as that when they reduced the 60GB and we grabbed the last one in Blockbusters here.
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