PS3 price drop official.

Found 5th Oct 2007……824

60gb PS3 + 2 games + 1 pad = £349
40gb PS3 (no PS2 BC) on its own = £299


anyway 350 seems ok.

ps2 bc dont really matter.

i never knew you had to pay to get bc

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From Play:[LIST]
[*]40GB HDD
[*]2 USB Ports
[*]Matt finish[/LIST]Its lost the glossy shiney finish :?

Anyone know when the £350 drop will c0ome into place

doesnt the 40GB inc controllers?

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Anyone know when the £350 drop will c0ome into placedoesnt the 40GB inc … Anyone know when the £350 drop will c0ome into placedoesnt the 40GB inc controllers?

Yeah 1 controller is included.

Price drop and 40gb starts on 10th October :thumbsup:

Might have to get one for sure now.

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Before you jump for the 40gb - consider that the 60gb comes with 2 games - ie Heavenly Sword and Lair (rubbish games but), they can be sold for £25 each - which brings the 60gb to £299 price point.

Buy from Virgin and get 10% off as well (they may even bundle i a 3rd game or a blu-ray as well).

Or ShopTo have the 40gb for £280.

I'll get the 60GB

Im just thinking where'll have ot for £349, will blockbuster?

I cant get 10% off in virgin, only 16 cant get credit card - and the student discount card is exempting consoles now.

It says 2 first party games will come free with the 60gb version. Does this mean that the game has to be developed by Sony or published by Sony? I know Singstar and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction are both published by Sony so would I be able to get these two games, an extra controller and the PS3 for £350? If so that would be an even better deal than getting two games that I don't really want but whatever way it is an excellent deal, I just have to wait another 5 months to get my PS3! :giggle:

I have ordered the PS3 (should be here on wed) also xbox premium as couldn't make up my mind which to buy.
One has to either be sold or go back - PS3 + Ridge Racer - xbox with 2 games extra controller ,+ headset .
If i keep the xbox i will sell the extra controller , games (so i can ger something i like ,instead of what comes with it ) and the headset -which will make it a better deal for me .The xbox has also already been delivered to my brothers and he is bringing it up to my house on Monday.
Do i keep the xbox or the PS3 ???
Any takers if i sell the extras with xbox -or anyone want a PS3 that does play PS2 games now.

the 60gb ps2 will carry on playing ps2 games.

i might be getting mine from abroad now that their cheaper.


From Play:[LIST][*]40GB HDD[*]2 USB Ports[*]Matt finish[/LIST]Its lost … From Play:[LIST][*]40GB HDD[*]2 USB Ports[*]Matt finish[/LIST]Its lost the glossy shiney finish :?

I think they are mistaken. It has a new faceplate area where the usb ports and card reader have been removed, that looks like it is matt black plastic ans silver. The rest seems to be the same glossy fingerprint magnet casing.…772
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