PS3 problem

    I have sound for the various menus and I just tried a BR disc with no problem.

    No sound for games though.

    Is this a common problem and how do I solve this?

    Bought FIFA 09 today and it had to update after I put the disc in. Don't know if this had a massive effect as the no sound thing has occured on a few occasions.


    You have to sell it and buy a xbox 360


    You have to sell it and buy a xbox 360

    very helpful.

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    You have to sell it and buy a xbox 360

    Already have a 360 thanks.


    very helpful.

    its for the best:thumbsup:

    Connect the PS3 to a different TV to see if it is a problem with the TV or the PS3.

    Also try using a different HDMI cable.

    go to left hand side of the menu screen and check the settings are correct for the tv or hdmi conection to ps3

    try resetting the ps3. hold down the button when its off so it beeps twice. it should reset the settings.
    make sure you hold the button until it beeps the second time.

    Could your problems be food related?


    [Could your problems be food related?

    The difference being this one isn't a joke : :roll:

    Had a 360 since launch, crashed once, maybe twice.
    Had a ps3 for less than a week, crashed four times.

    Get a room you two.

    The 360 has a substantially higher failure rate than the PS3, fact.

    /fanboy debate

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    The reset worked. Now have sound.

    I love my 360 and PS3.

    There should be room for both in each household.
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