(ps3) PSN saying incorrect password since I updated to 3.5

    Don't think I have been hacked or spoofed, but not ruling it out

    If its the above, how do I get my account back if they have changed the email?

    Anyone else having the same problem? When I click on forgot password it says "an error has occurred" and gives ref (80023017) which according to a google search means PSN is down. Is it?


    yeah its down thread about ithere

    Original Poster

    Thanks, that topic wasn't tagged. Have added tags and repped you (aka liked your comment)

    Was pulling my hair out like the OP's son in that thread.

    yeah, bit peeved myself to say the least.. was looking forward to having a game with some mates tonight online. What worried me was after updating and went to sign in and it's removed my password.. so now going to have to try and remember it or use the "forgot password" link when it works again... not happy at all.
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