PS3, PSP price drops 'on the cards'

    I know we've speculated about this for ages, but it looks like its getting "closer"...this article has just been published....

    Wednesday, March 18 2009, 20:52 GMT

    Retailers have allegedly been told of upcoming price drops for both PS3 and PSP.

    According to CVG, Sony told a 'major high street retailer' that the price of both systems will be reduced very soon.

    "It's been on the cards for a while," said the retailer, "but manufacturers are not in the habit of giving exact dates so as not to effect sales."

    Another rumour suggested that US cuts will come during the Game Developers Conference between March 23 and 27, slashing the 80GB PS3 from $399 (£280) to $299 (£210).

    In the UK, the 80GB PlayStation 3 currently retails for £299.99 and the PSP for £139.99.


    It'll still be an overpriced Blueray player.


    It'll still be an overpriced Blueray player.

    Nope its an Excellent Games Machine....which happens to have a Blueray Player ...

    All have been waiting for price drop, its needed, then the two machines in world can rule together

    WII and PS3

    P.S I miss Halo ...sniff
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