PS3 question

    Just a quick question
    I have got an infocus in1 projector and am connecting my ps3 to it via a component cable
    I am able to view it in HD mode, however i have heard that infocus in1 can not handle it....
    if i keep it in 720p via component will this damage the ps3 or in1 projector?


    No, it will damage neither. The PS3 can output in 1080p (best quality), 720p (very good quality) amongst other modes. All you need to do is check what the maximum mode your projector can handle is, then set the PS3 to output to that.

    As you are unsure, I will make a bold assumption that you didn't spend the large bundle of extra cash on a 1080p projector, so set your PS3 to 720p and enjoy.

    /\ yeah that's the one

    you projector = Native Resolution: VGA (640x480)

    If you want the best picture you should select something closer to the resolution of your projector (ie not even 720p) set it to 576p or anything as close as you can get to the projectors resolution.

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    yeah i know that...was just wondering if i did output it as a higher resolution would it damage it
    many thanks to all those who replied

    Nah, won't damage anything, it will probably give you a few "artifacts" from resolution scaling but otherwise you are good to go.
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