ps3 shall i take the plunge?

    hi guys can u advise me please
    i have £200 in cex vouchers and can get the ps3 40gig for £280 should i take the plunge or should i wait, whens the best time to buy a ps3?

    can those who have one give me benefits please? how easy is it to put linux? adding a hard drive/.? watching divx and hd content?


    No one know when the price cut will be, so to my mind, the chances are that the amount of use you get out of it between now and the next time it's discounted, will be worth far more than the actual discount itself. e.g. Lets say you get 30 hours usage out of it and it goes down £20 in a months time - that works out 66p an hour for entertainment - cheaper than a movie! ;-)

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    lol what im saying is shall i or shall i not?
    whats the pros and cons?

    gamestation got them for 250 with a £25 game or its either pcworld or currys got them with 2 controls 2 games for £280

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    cheers mate, but what im asking is THE PS3 WORTH buying?!

    Look at it and decide for yourself.

    It's not essential, nothing's essential.

    Are you interested in Blu-Ray?
    Are there any PS3 exclusive games that interest you?

    If you're answers to the above are 'no', or even 'I don't know', then it probably won't be worth buying.

    Personally if I hadn't have received a free one with a phone contract, I'd have waited until Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. The Dual Shock 3 controllers will be out (officially) by then too.

    The ps3 will last a console generation longer than both the Wii and the Xbox 360, you also have next generation blu-ray playback, the best time to buy a ps3 will be Christmas if you can wait that long and your voucher doesnt expire before then.


    cheers mate, but what im asking is THE PS3 WORTH buying?!

    You need to give a lot more information before anyone can give you any useful advice, you've not mentioned anything you're interested in games or movies-wise. The main two reasons I'd say for buying a PS3 is either for its blu-ray playback or because you're interested in the games, the former is obvious and for the latter I'd have a look over the games selection and see if there's anything you're really wanting.

    To be honest from what you've said in your posts it doesn't sound like the PS3 is going to be a worthwhile purchase as it seems like you want one more for the sake of it. As the current model is not changing (unlike the 60GB which was worth buying even if not initially needed) I think you're better waiting until there is something you do want for the PS3 as you're likely to get a better deal on it.


    in ANSWER to your question yes mate go and buy it they are very very good and the blu-ray is also a bonus. Obviosly the 60gb would be better as you can play the ps2 games on it aswell but the 40gb is still amazing

    Well considering my 5th xbox just packed up.

    PS3 all the way.


    Well considering my 5th xbox just packed up.PS3 all the way.

    unlucky you, lol


    PS3 = Great console, bad software support - on the other hand the 360 = unreliable console but excellent software support.

    Catch 22, but personally I would prefer the games - My PS3 has not been used for getting on for 6 months simply because there are no decent games coming out for it and what games there are, are way better on XBL.

    Go on BUY it!...........You know you want to! You won't regret it! PS3 Rules!

    PS3 all the way, lots to do with it, games will come with time, the games they have now are good!

    Games start from £10 upwards if you look Ebay or even other places.

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    well i want to use the ps3 for media purposes, not too fussed about the games as my xbiox 360 is modded!

    I would go for it then, as my PS3 is used for networking as well as gaming, im thinking of taking the plunge of putting Linux on but dont know if it would ruin the gaming side for me as it wont seem so much as a games console.

    The hard drive looks easy to access as well as im sure its on the side of the PS3 with the screws easy to get to as it tells you thats where your hard drive is im sure of it. So shouldnt be to much of a prob to upgrade.

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    when you mean networking what do yu mean by that?

    Go for it Metal gear solid is out in June, Haze is out May time and then lots more throughout the year

    its only a couple of hundred quid, id advise getting a brand new one though cos CEX seem to have had a run of absolute **** quality consoles in since xmas, and the brand new price isnt that different to the cex used price. Yeah they give a 12 month guarantee but on a premium quality item its best to pay the extra and buy new.

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    the only problem is have £200 in cex vouchers thats all and i thought why not just use that extra and get it from there!

    yeah but they'll fetch you £180 on ebay easily. other option is ask to check the PS3s in cex before you buy, if you dont mention that youre paying the majority by voucher theyll let you- they should do anyway but you know how arsey they get!

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    i checked a few out a few months ago i saw some and they were in excellent condition, to be honest i think they should be ok with me buying them using vouchers as most of the staff recognise me, i traded in a lot!! plus il try and see if i can get a discount! other option ebay ~£180 hmm might try that!

    Sounds like you're on to a purchase either way pal I was looking for a 360 pre-pricedrop and everything they had here was in wrecked condition, plus I took my PS3 in when it started playing up. Hell, I make them enough money...
    Personally I prefer this new 360, loads easier to use and the games are cheaper, but I reckon the PS3 will be flying ahead by xmas when the proper games come out, Home is launched, and the firmware updates match those of M$ (xvid compatability etc). Put it this way- sold my PS3 for £300 and got a 360 with six decent games for £237 all brand new (Zavvi deal) which left me enough for another six second hand games from cex...


    Well considering my 5th xbox just packed up.PS3 all the way.

    Wait, is that the Xbox you got recently to play Test Drive or something?

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    thats good billy but considering i bought my xbox 360 for free-boots erroR!
    modded for £25, got a few pads got 2 with boots! charge kit for £5 and a hd player for £42 as i sold my hd movies i cant complain! i hardly play but just started to use it again!

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    why did u sell ur ps3 and which xbox 360 you got? pro?


    Wait, is that the Xbox you got recently to play Test Drive or something?

    It was.

    A few reasons really - cex were paying £296 cash which I thought was decent considering I paid £350 for it and had owned it eight months, id played all the good games and there was nothing coming out any time soon, I like to chop and change my systems regularly (last few years- three PSPs, five DSs, a PS3, 360, dc, etc) and only keep one system and one portable in the house at any one time, and the fan was getting noisy and I couldnt be bothered to send it back to Sony under warranty.

    Got the pro with six games and an extra wireless controller- only got it cos I really wanted to play Rez HD (prob my fave game ever) and ive been very impressed with the whole setup since I got it- its a well developed system but is gonna be more or less dead when the PS3 takes off properly, I reckon. Im going to struggle to get rid of this now though, as Rez HD is more than I could ever have expected from the game. Looks, sounds awesome, and the 8 year old me back in the early 80s would have wet my pants to see it lol!


    It was.

    Ouch, what did you do, get a refund or swapped for another one?

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    rez hd whats that?
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