PS3 Slim Stand & possible anti theft device?

    Looking to buy the new slim PS3 and I understand that there is a stand available but cannot find one for love or money - plus if there are any anti-theft devices available as I have had 2 nicked in the last 3 years!

    All I can find is the Kensington desktop microsaver which comprises of a couple of plastic heavy duty pads that are superglued onto the machine and an immovable surface with a steel cable looped through them both - will work but will make the unit look really ugly.

    Any suggestions out there?

    Thanks - Martin


    This is at Additions for £29.…=12

    Cat No: TM1131F if the link doesn't work.

    There is a code ZQ768 which gives £25 off a £50 spend. So add a cheap game For £21 and get both for £25

    Original Poster

    must admit that this does look very cool but I suspect that it does not prevent the unit from being stolen.

    Cool piece of kit though - thanks
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