PS3 Slim with Uncharted 2 - anywhere cheaper than £285?

    Hi guys,

    Sainsburys have an offer on which is £250 for a 120GB Slim with Uncharted 2, but unfortunately I've just been to/phoned the four local stores and they're all very much out of stock!

    I can't find a PS3 for cheaper than £250, and I can't find a copy of Uncharted 2 for less than £35, so this Comet deal for a 250GB PS3 actually seems a good one -…76/ - but the problem is, I'd never need any more than a 120GB!

    Long shot, but does anyone know a cheaper way of either getting the 120GB with Uncharted 2, or maybe that 250GB bundle (afaik it's currently set to RRP?) with an extra cheapy game thrown in?



    But this and sell the games etc that you do not want…-bl

    or exchange fifa 10 for uncharted2?

    i got a 250gb with assasins creed 2 for £265.
    seemed to me that had the best deals.

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    Awesome, thank you guys - I think AC2 from Shopto and then Uncharted 2 could be a winner! Saves having to sell games then too, awesome, ty

    250 gb with uncharted 2 £285 then add discount code for 15% off in voucher section = £246.20 delivered from additions direct

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    Sounds great thanks - is that new customers only though?

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    Ordered from Additions! You are awesome, thank you

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    **** sake!

    [COLOR=#000000][FONT='Times New Roman'][LEFT][FONT=arial]PI450PS3 250GB WITH UNCHARTED 2 ONE COLOUR ONE SIZE107/12/2009
    Sorry, no longer available[/FONT][/LEFT][/FONT][/COLOR]

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    What does no longer available mean please? Does that mean I can't cancel or that my order isn't available and they're going to refund me? ;_;

    Either way sucks, delivery date 30/12/2009? Sigh.

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    Argggh! Just cancelled ym order with them

    Will take a look on Shopto now, not sure if there's anywhere else to check?

    seems like a good deal on at comet.

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    That is an awesome deal, thank you so much!!

    i think blockbusters have the best deal - if they have them in stock

    250gb with uncharted 2 plus 2 more games @ 300
    or with 1 extra game @ 285

    by the way shopto is brilliant to use in terms of parcels are with u in 24 hours - site is a bit naff though!
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