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    OK, so here's the question. I have the following and wondering how much you guys think it's worth. I'm debating whether to sell my PS3 stuff to get some cash in for my next computer build.

    250GB slim PS3 (approx 4 months old)
    2 x dualshock 3 controllers (both under 6 months old)
    1 sixaxis controller (2 yrs 6 months old, but still very good condition)
    offical bluetooth headset
    blu-ray remote
    guitar hero aerosmith - with guitar controller
    guitar hero world tour - with guitar controller
    guitar hero metallica
    buzz quiz tv with 4 wireless controllers
    call of duty modern warfare 2
    assassin's creed 2
    assassin's creed
    little big planet
    battlefield bad company 2
    battlefield bad company
    civilization revolution
    rainbow six vegas
    killzone 2
    red faction guerilla
    grand theft auto 4
    dark sector
    tomb raider underworld

    What do you think?


    Well, I built my first gaming pc, just after christmas. I cant give you a exact figure of how much you will get for all this. But as long as its around £300, you should be able to build a decent gaming machine

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    Yeah, this won't be the first PC I've built by a long shot... just might need the extra £££ is all to complete it all at the same time.
    What I am planning is:-

    AMD phenom II x6 1055T CPU
    AM3 motherboard - most likely gigabyte GA890GPA-UD3, but that could change
    OCZ 50GB bootable PCI-e SSD
    2TB HDD for storage
    4gb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
    ATI 5770 GPU

    If I decide not to sell my PS3 then I will still get the above, but over a period of time... so just get the motherboard, ram and cpu.. have other stuff I can use for the meantime and just upgrade it as I go.
    motherboard, cpu and ram only is approx £320
    all of the above will be £900-£1000

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    Oh, forgot to add that the £1000 price includes a new tower case and modular PSU too.

    Can't decide whether to just re-use parts from my core2 system I am currently running or not.

    Bit of a hardcore machine, well I just built a average gaming machine. I believe fun isn't in the graphics. but i guess selling your PS3 would be a start to getting the parts. But to be honest i would save the money and buy all the parts at once. Thats why I still have my PS3 because its just for my HD experience,

    Why not sell some ps3 stuff? I'd be interested in some

    If you don't use the PS3 then why not, but if you are going to be spending that much, im guessing you will be looking at about 450 - ish give or take 50 for the lot posted, I would just continue saving up for the rig and get it all at once (seeing as if you will just swap the parts onto MB you wont have much difference and prices could go down by time you buy other parts.)

    oh you will upgrade ram and cpu at same time, well then I think it is down to if you use it or not, because now would be best time for price on ps3 than waiting, but if you can wait and keep the ps3 then you should be able to save for the whole 1k rig
    good luck!

    2 years ago I would of agreed.

    I spent near 2k on a PC, and at the time I knew it was a good investment, and it still is with the case now over £200 to buy (bought it for about £100) and a few bits and pieces that will always hold their value i.e. Monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. As of late though I hardly use the PC, basically check the emails and I'm off, and the only time I use the laptop is when I'm making money on Poker, and I do all my gaming on the console.


    about £440 delivered

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    Thanks for the replies, I know I was a bit vague with the PC stuff... it was late and was tired, lol

    What I have at the moment on my main PC.

    e6750 dual core
    gigabyte motherboard s775
    2gb ddr800
    (will be keeping these together to swap into another case I have if I re-use other parts)

    dvd-rom and 2x dvd writers
    650w PSU
    thermaltake soprano case
    gt240 GPU
    1tb samsung f3 HDD
    200gb maxtor HDD (boot drive)

    So, if I go the cheaper route and re-use parts from other builds I have and spare parts lying about I should end up with only spending £350 initially and end up with 2 computers that aren't too bad.

    comp 1 (main)
    thermaltake soprano case
    gigabyte am3 motherboard £105
    AMD phenom II 1055T CPU £155
    4GB (2x2gb) DDR3 1333mhz £80
    650w PSU
    1TB HDD (boot)
    dvd-rom and dvd writer
    gt240 GPU

    2nd machine
    e6750 cpu
    gigabyte s775 mobo
    2gb ddr2 800 ram
    antec case
    450w PSU £15
    ATI HD2400XT GPU
    dvd writer
    200gb HDD + 500GB HDD

    Then I can buy the other parts I want as needed and swap some around to the second rig too.


    But as long as its around £300, you should be able to build a decent … But as long as its around £300, you should be able to build a decent gaming machine

    Your definition of decent then is vastly different from mine and probably every other gamer on here lol

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    Yeah, tbh if I just wanted a gaming rig I could just shove a better GPU in the one I have now, and put 4gb ddr3 ram in here (my mobo supports both ddr2 and ddr3) - but I built this 3 years ago (minus the gt240) and want to have this next one last me for another 5 years, maybe more with upgrades. Plus the PS3 doesn't interest me that much anymore, especially with sony keep changing the rules on us on a "like it or lump it" basis. So will do all my gaming on the PC if/when I build the new rig, plus much faster for encoding/re-coding etc etc... then my second pc can be used mainly as the media server for the house and testing purposes

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    Going to be running win7 x64 and ubuntu x64 in dual boot.

    PM me price for Blue Ray remote please..
    and the bluetooth headset.

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    PM me price for Blue Ray remote please..and the bluetooth headset. thanks

    I think you mis-understood this topic. I am not currently selling any of my PS3 stuff, just wanted a rough idea of how much it was worth in total... if I did sell it though it would be a job lot, not split up anyway.

    ahh ok my bad, sorry, if you do decide to sell individually. hit me up

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    Don't think I will do it that way if I decide to sell mate, first things to go would be the controllers etc most likely, then I'd end up with a PS3 with no controllers to play it with, lol
    But if I manage to sell the PS3 and some other stuff and am left with other stuff to sell individually I'll let you know for sure

    The PS3 has been officially hacked!!!…ays
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