PS3 - the ultimate package?

    ok i know im being a noob since theres been loads of ps3 bundles posted recently.

    however, im looking for you guys to try and figure what would be the best deal for me.

    basically what i would LOVE is:

    - 60gb ps3
    - 2 controllers
    - pro evo 2008

    however, this is NOT a 100% requirement, just what id prefer. i saw a few deals recently but i dont know whats the best.

    for example, there was a ps3 on offer at tesco i think, and there was a 7% coupon and other stuff attached to it, which would be great for me because i work there and get my 10% discount on top of that, but when i checked im sure it was just the console and pad, and i think it might total up to more than these other ps3 offers.

    so yeah, would love some tips.


    Original Poster

    come on dudes whats the best 60gb ps3 deal


    so yeah, would love some tips.

    Buy a 360 Elite :-D

    Sorry couldn't resist

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    ive been tempted but i think ive decided on the ps3.

    i'll probably only ever play 3 games. at least currently on the ps2 i only play pro evo, grand theft auto, and metal gear.
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